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An effective communications strategy doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, the best  strategies and content are clear, simple, and direct.


Buoy 231 Consulting meets your organization and your team where you are, and helps you create communications strategies and tactics to meet your strengths. Together, we can build issue awareness, change public policy, and drive growth. Along the way, we'll build your team's skills and leave you with easy-to-use tools for future projects. 


Expertise includes:

  • issue, campaign, or organizational messaging; 

  • advocacy campaign strategy; 

  • community engagement; 

  • media strategy; and

  • new campaign, program, or project launches.


Today's nonstop communications cycle can make it feel like we are endlessly "feeding the beast." When you need content for websites, newsletters, fundraising appeals, advocacy campaigns, and on and on, it can quickly feel overwhelming.


Buoy 231 Consulting provides additional content creation support for your team. We collaborate with your team to develop a content strategy that clearly defines your audience, goals, and tactics to make "feeding the beast" more manageable - and effective - for your organization. 


Content creation expertise includes:

  • newsletters (digital and print),

  • website copy,

  • fundraising copy (digital and print),

  • media pitching,

  • advocacy copy,

  • social media content,

  • distilling complex technical reports into fact sheets, webpages, executive summaries, etc. 

Words matter. Clear, simple, and direct communications are the most powerful tool available to organizations doing good in the world. 


Buoy 231 Consulting collaborates with non-profits and purpose-driven organizations to create and deploy winning campaigns that build issue awareness, change public policy, and drive growth.

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